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Use Outdoor Fabrics ~ Inside

Using Outdoor Fabric In-Doors!!

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Today, certain manufacturer's are producing products which can withstand extremely difficult conditions. Manufacturer's are producing carpets and fabrics which are specifically designed for exterior environments.

They are designed to thrive in moist conditions. They are fabricated with antibacterial properties and can be used in direct sunlight for extreme amounts of time without fading.

Custom Motorized Blackout Window Coverings
Motorized Blackout Window Coverings:
Fabricated in Outdoor Fabric

These fabrics are "Solution dyed" fabrics. These types of textiles are my very favorites. You can actually use bleach directly on these yarns without effecting the color. 

Please be sure and read your labels carefully. And, it is always advisable to do a test on a small area. The labels should very clearly state exactly which properties the textile is woven to handle.

Reading your label is very critical. I always recommend working with professional sales people. Discuss the applications which are important for your use. A knowledgeable sale person will be able to show you product which will be able to handle your needs. 
Motorized Blackout Window Covering:
Fabricated in Outdoor Fabric

The solution dyed outdoor fabrics are extremely hard to identify, both visually and/or tactically.  There are a number of different weaves, chenille'svelvet's, woven jacquard's, and a multitude of fabulous textures. As far as I'm concerned, this is the place to start when looking for fabric.
We've just completed a home in Colorado, in which 90% of all the fabric used on the entire project ~ were all "Outdoor" fabrics. All of the window coverings, fabrics for the upholstery, and  most of the bedding were all "outdoor fabrics." 

This was a great idea and we were able to accomplish it.
This added a tremendous value for each application we were able to use. In selecting a solution dyed fabric, we were able to protect the cost of the interior selection.

I highly recommend checking your labels very carefully.  If the manufacturer put a label on the product, stating it is suitable for outdoor use, consider using those fabrics inside.

                                     Pet Friendly 
                                 Children Friendly                                                                     Husband Friendly

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I hope this has given you some great food for thought.
                                    Just a good idea!! 

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